ATA has been producing complete lifting and moving systems for about 20 years. The company has won its success thanks to its own patented under hook device: an air-driven vacuum pump.
The use of vacuum lifters allows for safe handling of even the biggest objects of any kind: marble, glass, steel panels, chipboard, isothermal sandwich panels, pavement, materials needed for construction, etc.
Continual innovation has allowed the company to find specific solutions for each industry and to offer a vast selection of vacuum lifters.
With its technical know-how, ATA can offer customized solutions to meet any need. Materials are attached instantaneously through a suction pad with an adequate number of vacuum pumps.

The powering of the vacuum pump may be selected according to each specific kind of application and use.

ATA’s vacuum lifters are available for any capacity and can be used in conjunction with various systems::

  • jib cranes,
  • double articulation cranes,
  • column or wall fixed cranes
  • overhead cranes
  • self-propelled machinery

ATA guarantees and efficient service over time, with full assistance and replacements if necessary.

ATA’s vacuum lifters are built with all original parts which guarantee maximum safety and perfect functioning over time.

Company history:

ATA comes to light in 1974 when founder Pierino Palotti, while working at the FAGUS company, in order to substitute a lifter which presented continual malfunctions, devises a method to lift wood panels using a vacuum system.
Following a careful study, concentrated mostly on the vacuum pump and the structure of the suction pads, the result is a true success, so much so that Palotti decides to produce vacuum lifters and clamps in series, applying his own technology to different materials, such as marble, glass, steel panels, wood, cardboard, sacks and special applications.
A few years later, Mannesman Dematic (today Demag Crane & Components), after several tests, selects ATA’s vacuums for their productions, deeming them of better quality and reliability than other similar products.
Over the following years, ATA consolidates its reputation worldwide thanks to the high quality and perfect performance of its products, deciding to produce jib cranes and light overhead systems, in order to outfit their clients with complete lifting machinery.