ATA produces vacuum lifters for the marble/rock industry which meet the specific requirements of any sort of application, such as:

  • Production of small and large slates in marble workshops
  • Use with block cutters
  • Handling and movement of kitchen countertops of any shape
  • Handling of travertine, fragile slates for reconditioning, refractory material
  • Laying of street paving
  • Laying of paving for airports and other large areas

Characteristics of standard vacuum lifters:

Power ► compressed air – electric 380V – 220V – battery powered – 24V on Bobcat
Capacity ► from 80 to 2.000 Kg (can be increased if necessary)
Pads ► from 1 to 16 for standard (can be increased if necessary)
Structure ► manual or pneumatic tilting

ATA guarantees the maximum grip for the handling and movement of plastered and non-plastered travertine as well as fragile slates for reconditioning!