ATA is pleased to offer a vast selection of vacuum lifters for the steel panel industry, both standard and non-standard, designed and built according to client specifications. This allows us to meet the needs of any activity of this sector, from single laser cut to large construction site. Such sectors include, but are not limited to:

  • Laser cut, molding, oxycutting
  • Naval construction, aviation industry
  • Foundry
  • Production of coils, tubing, etc.
  • Isothermal panels, steel boxes, silos

Characteristics of standard vacuum lifters:

Power ► compressed air – electric 380V – 220V – battery powered
Capacity ► from 80 to 11.000 Kg
Pads ► from 1 to 6 for standard – no limit for non-standard
Structure ► fixed (optionally with tie-rods), 0-90° or 0-180° rotation, either manual or pneumatic, 0-90° tilting, either manual or pneumatic

All structures may be outfitted with hooks