Vacuum lifers and jib cranes must be checked up periodically to guarantee their full efficiency over time and top security on the job. For this reason, ATA carries out maintenance operations for each installation, which include a general check up and replacement of all parts subject to high wear. Such operations are carried out by our specialized technicians, which remain at your service for new solutions as well.
Maintenance operations may be carried out in our headquarters or on site, in case the installations cannot be moved.
For all maintenance performed in our headquarters, our technicians will fill out a maintenance sheet listing all necessary operations to be carried out, which will be sent to you via fax or email with an estimate.
For operations performed on site, our specialized technicians will inform you immediately regarding the condition of your installation and any necessary maintenance.
After each maintenance operation, ATA will emit a certification of all operations performed, which attests that your installation of full functional and safe.
In the download area, you will find the maintenance sheets which list all operations and checks that must be carried out to ensure that your installation remain perfectly efficient.